Friday, May 2, 2008

KC was Rockin last night

Weather was warm, windy and humid all day with a cold front coming in. It wasn't any surprise
that nasty weather was on it's way. About 7:30 pm the sky really started to darken up and you could see the lighting in the distance. It wasn't long after that the sirens started to blow and the
weather radio alarm goes off. They have a policy here that whenever a rotating storm is within the county limits they blow the sirens for everyone. The first one wasn't near us so we stayed
upstairs (not in the basement). After a while the sirens started again so we went downstairs.
The storms were dropping hail all around us and one even dropped a small tornado to the south
of us for a short while (no damage). Finally after about two hours of non stop lightning it looked
like it was all over and we went to bed around 10:00.
A little before 2:00 am the weather radio goes off and warns of a severe thunderstorm with wind being the main threat. After closing the window I decided not to wake anyone since it didn't seem to be a big deal. This morning on TV I saw that we were pretty lucky and missed
the brunt of the wind.
The picture to the left shows a neighborhood about 15 miles to the north of us, the other one used to be an Arby's in Independence, MO not to far from Mario and Theresa's house.
With all that hail and wind around us, we got nothing but heavy rain. Guess we'll have to wait
a while for that new roof.


  1. Wow scary stuff, I thought waking up to snow in May was bad...I'm glad that you guys are okay.

  2. Whew! Glad everyone is OK. California may have its problems, but weather isn't one of them.