Wednesday, June 11, 2008

one more day!

tomorrow is the last day of the school year.
it was a good year, i got very good grades [no lower than a B the entire year] i was involved [i was part of ASB [[student government]] and will continue that next year was well. i don't really have anything planned for the summer, i was suppost to have a job right now... but... we wont get into that [long story short i couldnt make a perfect cone so i didn't get the job i was PROMISED.]

over all, a pretty good year :]


  1. What's a perfect cone, whatever!

  2. sorry about that; I told Mommy you should come stay with us (when we have a place--which we should very soon; we've put an offer on a condo and there's another one we'll put an offer on if our first offer is rejected) in Utah you could work as an extra in movies or any number of other things (lots of places are still hiring especially now when so many BYU students are gone).

  3. Are you going to Orange High?

  4. Alyx goes to Westminster High