Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Farewell to Wheels...

...AKA "The Bubble".
Well, more like au revoir. It's now in Utah, with Breanna and Matt. Check out the odometer!
After a major repair job last year, though, it should be good for another long while. I got to make a solo road trip (whoo hoo!) and had a great visit with the kiddies.

I got there in time to help them move, though Matt hardly needed any help. He manhandled both couches into the truck by himself.

Their new condo is beautiful!! New Pergo flooring, new paint, and those modern rounded corners on all the walls. The complex looks very upscale, and it's very quiet--can't hear the neighbors at all.
And there's very pretty sparkly rock on the exterior! (I think I've used up my quota of exclamation points.)

Before I left to come home, Breanna took me to a place called "Pudding on the Rice", where they sell--of all things--rice pudding, in quite an array of flavors. VERY yummy!

I got to meet their dog, Charlie, too. He has moments of boisterousness, but is very good-natured.

Congrats, Kiddos! Well done!!


  1. I've been to that place! Kinda weird, huh?

  2. I will never buy an American car again.
    is that your house in the background or the Miller house? If it's yours,
    did you guys plant a big hedge between your place and the Gorley house?

  3. The picture was taken from our house, so you're looking at the Millers'. Gloria just added tile to the stairs and added handrails. Looks nice!