Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One thing leads to another...

So after we got the Wii, I thought it would be nifty to play it on a big-screen TV. (Another major consideration was that the living room stays about ten degrees cooler than the family room--more comfortable for TV-viewing in the evening.)

Then the new TV necessitated new furniture...and the next thing will be new carpeting--after the dog is fully potty-trained!


  1. Miriam,
    What size TV did you get? We got a 42" a couple years ago but in our new house I wish we would have gotten a 50". Nothing better than football in high def, or anything in high def.
    Is that Alyx and Thomas in the second pic?

  2. It's a 50" DLP. We haven't subscribed to HD service, so some channels don't look as good as others, but DVD's look great! Even regular ol' DVD's.

    That is indeed Alyx and Thomas, and the dog's head.

  3. Nice.
    They usually don't tell you when you buy a high def TV that the standard channels actually look worse on them than the old tube TVs. Luckily more and more channels are being broadcast in high def all the time. You should be able to throw some rabbit ears on your TV and pick up the high def local channels, but if you have cable or satellite now a high def package is a must.

  4. Ooohhh... new furniture looks comfy!

    Yeah, what Rico says is right. You can have HD service, but if it's not broadcast in HD it doesn't matter. When it gets to you, it's still in the same crummy format that the cable provider received it in. :-)

    This is what I've learned by working at Cox.