Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mario's e-mail to a soldier in Iraq

Mario wrote this email to a soldier that is currently in Iraq and whose
platoon he used to be in until he came home. I found it very moving and definitely worth sharing and preserving.

Hi Brian,

Sorry for writing to your Army email address, but I don't know any
other one.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know a bit about what's
going on in my life right now.

I found a job (very blessed) as a programmer analyst, and am quite
happy, thank you. There's no yelling, no threatening, and the
employees work hard voluntarily and cheerfully. We all want to be

There's a massage room, and exercise room, and sometimes the company
sponsors lunch.

I respect my co-workers and boss; I wear no uniform; I don't lift heavy
items all day in the motor pool. I don't wait for somebody to tell me
what to do or release me so I can go home. There's none of that. I
only work 8 hours per day. In fact, sometimes I choose to work longer.
Why? Because I enjoy my job. I want the company to succeed. Because
commerce is important; it supports families; it feeds children. In
fact, with the proper perspective, commerce is even virtuous.

I do my job how I want to do it. Nobody micro-manages me. After I'm
done with a project, my supervisor checks my work; he cares mainly
about one thing--does it work?

I don't have to tell someone where I'm going if I choose to take a
break. I can work from 7 until 3 p.m. I can work from 8 to 4, or 9 to
5 or get to work at 9, take an hour for lunch, then finish at 6 p.m.

There is an on-call programmer but that's fine with me. Why? Because
I'm loyal to the company, they treat me well, and I actually want to do
well. We have a clear mission that relates directly to adding value to
our customers' lives.

I wake up around 7:15. I still shave, although I don't have to feel
under the gun about it. I have hair to comb and now wear contacts
rather than glasses.

When I get to work, I use my brain. I analyze, problem solve, learn,

There are of course, some downsides. Theresa is still having medical
problems, which could get very expensive. While I do have insurance,
it's very expensive. I have no guarantee that my job will be there the
next day.

But I do value some things more highly than safety and security:
freedom, liberty, the dignity of the individual, and the pursuit of

War should only be used as a last resort, in self-defense, not in a
pre-emptive strike derived from fear. Peace is should be sought after
always and should only be sacrificed for liberty. Fear is never a
reason to sacrifice peace.

Before we seek war, let us repent of our lies, adulteries, and take
care of our poor. Then let us have faith that God will protect and
defend us as a nation as long as we prepare ourselves and stay strong
morally as well as militarily.

Wish you all the best, my friend,


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