Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight (what else?)

Alyx and I went to see "Twilight". Fortunately, she had no school, so we were able to hit an early matinee and completely missed the crowds. (Still, $9.50 for a matinee??!?)

Anyway, I enjoyed it very much. I thought it was quite faithful to the book, but even better in that both Edward and Bella got over their grumpiness much more quickly than in the book.

So go see it; I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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  1. Yes it was good, my friend Brooke and I went the day it opened, but it we thought it felt like reading the Cliff's Notes to the book--and we worried that people who haven't read it might feel like it was really choppy (since there was a lot that we were able to mentally fill in from having read the books). Plus, a lot of stuff was REALLY funny IF you've read the books, but anyone who hadn't read them probably thought the rest of us were crazy for laughing at things like how unfriendly and awkward Edward was in Science Class....