Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adventures in Shopping

Thomas is going to Big Bear, so naturally he needed some boots and gloves. Boots weren't too hard to find; Big 5 had some in his size, and ON SALE. Gloves were another matter, however. Big 5 had some--for FORTY DOLLARS. Just couldn't bring myself to pay that much. Even though that's a mere pittance compared to the cost of treating frostbite.

Seemed everywhere else was sold out. Go figure.
Target had nothing. Wal-Mart had one pair which was simply inadequate. So we tried a few other stores at Anaheim Plaza. No luck until we went into T.J. Maxx-just because it was there, not because we thought they'd actually have gloves. But lo and behold, we hit pay dirt!

Please note that they are cashmere-lined--and for fifteen bucks!

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