Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where have you been Maya?

Do you have a new e-mail address or still using the
Where are you living these days and what is going on in your life?
Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I'm actually still here in Dana Point! I'm still with Cox, and now I'm working as an Inside Sales Rep, and kinda finally making some pretty good money... I'm going to finally start to save some of it (now). I got a 2005, 325i and I love it. It drives sooo stinkin' awsome. So much better than the Mustang. I'm still living with Alan- at least until the end of the yaer. We'll see what happens; come, December when the lease is up? He just doesn't have the same drive that I thought he had 3 years ago. It's really bothering me.

    What's up with you guys? The girls and Laura, all look so pretty from the pictures Daddy sent a few weeks ago.

    Ok, well love you, and would love for you and Laura and the girls to come here and visit. If not- you might me stuck with a visit from me. (ha, ha!)

    The email is still good, and my home email is My problem is that I'm on the phone and email ALL DAY. It's really hard to motivate myself to answer anything after 5:00, unless it's going to generate some commission.

    I bbbbllloooowwwww.......

    By the way, is there some way to still stay logged on to my google account and attach it to this one? I can't figure it out?



  2. Arrrggg... How do I fix typo's?